About Us


Serea Maxima Solution was established in September 2011 as a company engaged in the field of Information Technology and located in the city of Cikarang. As a young, dynamic company, Serea has always wanted to provide golden solutions that are innovative, creative and unique. Great desire to be able to develop Information Technology Industry and Technology Services provide solutions with the best results and useful underlying our presence in the middle of this industry.

The birth of Serea is mainly based on the increasing demand of information technology implementation in Indonesia and fulfills the specific requirements .

Backed by the experienced and qualified engineers in the field of information technology, plus internationally educated software engineers, using the people-centered philosophy Serea provides comprehensive range of software and services solutions.


To consistently surpass customer expectations and Brand Valtrex 1000 Mg Cost Per Pill Cheap Free Viagra Samples. Anti-herpes. Lowest Price https://stormtrooper-essay.com 500 mg pills Online Canada Discount PricesВ  added value to customers through Golden Solutions, reliable support and customer-centric support.


  • We strive to create healthy, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with each customer.
  • We treat employees professionally, fairly and equally without bias and prejudice.
  • We conduct our business through efficient process and fair practice.
  • We understand the importance of society and the role of technology in improving life.
  • Commitment, coordination and concern.


The focus Cialis Soft Tabs international shipping, non prescription Tadalafil 20 mg pills, how Soft Tabs 20 mg no prescription uk, buy Cialis Soft Tabs online australia,В  of improving quality at every step is an important aspect of doing business with us. With continuous effort to support and satisfy every customer, we follow stringent standards in every business practice, process and activity, quality is the foundation of success in Serea Maxima Solution.


Serea offers Companies in Indonesia reliable, high-quality services in the area of Information Technology. Service to our customers will be emphasized throughout our operations. High degree of reliability and availability coupled with quick services will be implemented to gain early and continuing customer acceptance and satisfaction. Clients must know that working with Serea is a more professional, less risky way to develop new system or maintaining the existing system even than working completely in-house with their own people. Our marketing strategy is just simple:

The satisfied clients are our best marketing tools. Most of our clients will be get several essays referrals from existing clients.


Serea offers expertise in Software and Web Development, Database and Network Management, IT Support & Maintenance, and Software Training, sold and packaged in various ways that allow clients to choose products or services that meet their needs.


Serea is an enjoyable place to work because of the people. The people are great and very talented. Serea has actually turned something, removable storage-kind of a boring category into something that’s fun, cool, and hip. And that reflects all the way through the organization. So it’s very fun. And the opportunities within Serea are endless as well. You have an opportunity to really expand, to do different things, to look at potential of other units and it’s just a really great place to expand and learn more things. Right from the start, Serea has continually attracted top-notch Peoples in strategic, creative and Information Technology expertise. Our Management Team is creative, communicative, team-oriented, energetic, caring and motivated people.